Job mobility

Job mobility in Lefkas Island in Greece for polish young people


  The "Job Mobility" is addressed to young people who want to gain work experience abroad.

The aim of the project is to strengthen in the period from 01.04.2016 r. to 09.31.2017 r. professional competence and key 54 people with disabilities aged 18-35, belonging to the category of NEET coming from the area of ​​the Mazowieckie, Lubelskie, Podlaskie, warmińsko-mazurskie, opolskie and śląskie.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, Operational Programme for Knowledge, Education, Development, Priority Axis IV Social innovation and transnational cooperation, Measure 4.2 Transnational Mobility Programs. The budget of the project - 1 487 010.88 zł (including 97% co-financed by the European Social Fund).

Main objectives:
The program transnational mobility is the ability to:

 -   improve their professional skills during a two-month internship foreign
 -   improve their language skills (participants / -czki project will have the opportunity to participate in an English language course before leaving for a foreign internship)
  -  develop their soft skills in the field: the ability to deal with stress and conflict situations, self-confidence, self-esteem, teamwork  the acquisition of knowledge in the intercultural aspect the acquisition of knowledge about the country in which the internship will take place, where the prevailing customs, spot placement and so on.
 -   Professional support after returning to the country, aimed at integration into the labor market or education.

Participant's profile:


1)      Age: 18 - 35 years,
    2) domicile: Mazowieckie, Lublin, Podlasie, Warmia-Mazury, Opole, Silesian
    3) persons without work persons not participating in formal education in stationary mode,
     4) people do not trainees (in the last 4 weeks prior to the project)
     5) people with a valid certificate of disability and, in the case of people with diagnosed mental disorders, issued by the medical judgment of the state of health or opinion certifying health.

Topic of the Job mobility in Greece:

Tourism, boat, boat industry, social work, catering...


The project is run in partnership with the Foundation and RAiDO International Centre for Support of Youth and Adult Foundation, Replay Network and Solidarity Tracks.


- Foundation Activation (Poland) was established in 1990. (Then called Foundation for Mathematicians and Physically Disabled) on the initiative of the Warsaw environment mathematicians and computer scientists, wanting to help their colleagues, moving on wheelchairs. The founders of the Foundation were individuals - scientists and employees of the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and institutions - Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Information Processing Society.

Currently, the Foundation helps people with all types and degrees of disabilities, regardless of their occupation, education, social situation or place of residence. People with disabilities benefiting from the support of the Foundation receive multi-dimensional support, including the ability to acquire knowledge and skills. With the right choice of training and individual counseling path (including the cycle of professional consultation, psychological and legal). 

The Foundation is a co-author of "The availability of the European funds 2014 - 2020 for people with disabilities in practice."

- RAiDO (Poland) Foundation and the International Centre for Support of Youth and Adults.

The purpose of the Foundation and RAiDO International Centre for Support of Youth and Adults is the activity of cooperation with Polish and foreign entities operating in the promotion of tolerance and integration of social, cultural and professional. The Foundation has more than two years' experience in conducting activities at local and international level (including the organization of transnational mobility programs). Foundation carried out projects such as: Let's talk about Future - Erasmus program or Sign in the middle of Europe - 'Youth in Action'.

Transnational Partner:

- REPLAY NETWORK (Italy) is engaged in activities at the international level within a number of EU programs in the field of, among others, non-formal education, learning mobility and social and economic activity. The organization has experience in organizing international training for a number of national agencies, as well as implementing several international events for the public authorities. He also conducts and creates various training and educational activities aimed at trainers, youth, adults with the use of non-formal learning initiatives. The organization's mission is to promote social cohesion and responsible participation, active citizenship and equal opportunities. This organization undertakes numerous actions and conducts a wide range of activities in the area of ​​life-long learning, which is used in labor market policy, which is the key to success in the professional activation of young people outside the labor market. REPLAY NETWORK has a base of skilled trainers who conduct training to improve competencies in the professional competence. In continued efforts to use modern professional activation methodology assumes active participants in / check, experimental situations and actions to encourage self-reliance and personal development.


Dates of implementation:

The plan of the project for Greece – The first group – circa 15th January-16th Mars 2017, second group 15thFebruary-15 April 2017, the third group – circa 8th May-9th July 2017


Apply now:

If you are interested to take part in the project and meet the following requirements - fill this form and report to the relevant department of the Foundation Activation.
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